Tanja Siebert CD Odd Times

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Tanja Siebert CD "Small Day"

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1. Esperanto

2. How deep is the ocean

3. Windmills of your mind

4. Uzun ince bir yoldayim  

5. It's only a papermoon

6. I will say goodbye

7. I wish you love

8. One day I'll fly away

9. Solvejg's Song (Solvejgs Lied)

10. I'll be seeing you

11. How do you keep the music playing




1. Better than anything (Bill Loughborough, David Wheat)

2.My attorney Bernie (David Frishberg)

3. Baby you should know it (Bob Dorough, Ben Tucker)

4. Small day tomorrow (Bob Dorough, Fran Landesman)

5. I´ve got just about everything (Bob Dorough)

6. Peel me a grape (David Frishberg)

7. Blizzard of lies (David and Samantha Frishberg)

8. But for now (Bob Dorough)

9. The Message (Bob Dorough, Ben Tucker, Rudy Stevenson)

10. I´m hip (Bob Dorough, David Frishberg)